Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Personalised Names on Canvas - Family Affair Series I

Original acrylic with mix media painting on canvas
measuring 15 inch x 30 inch and 1.5 inch deep.
Painted white wood letters and borders 
with pebbles for its 3D effect.

This family affair artwork has gloss finish and the sides 
are painted with black color 
making framing optional.


SiZ said...

hihihih can't wait for the future installments for this family affair collection..needs to have all before we can hang it dear..thank you!

Muna said...

thank u so much for your patient dear..final canvas is to be completed soon..very sooonn..:)

Emon. said...

hey, i've linked your blog :)

Muna said...

thanks Emon:)

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