Monday, November 22, 2010

Decorative Handmade Fabric Bunting

A recent birthday gift (above) given by a dear friend 
on my son's birthday has inspired me to 
create more fabric buntings on my own too.

Inspired by the beautiful motifs on cotton 
such as stripes and polka dot,
I've collaborated with MsPuzzles and commissioned her for 
handmade fabric buntings that using hand picked 
cotton fabric that I personally chose.  

These are the stripes+dots of fabric buntings FOR SALE.
Each fabric bunting  consists of nine flags with approx 2.5m in length

Fabric buntings add character to any space. 
It can be used to decorate celebrations: birthdays, weddings, 
baby showers, congratulations, house warming parties,
 children's bedroom, playroom, nurseries, market stalls, 
shop fronts or just simply to decorate!

Pre made buntings with 9 flags is RM29

For custom made buntings with personalised 
letters on flags will be charged varies 
according to fabric, number 
of flags and letters used.

Open for custom orders/inquiries, email me at

Thank you :) 


Princess Samantha said...

Those are really happy colours =)

Chuling said...

hi,i would like to ask you that did you sold any fabric just like you made the bunting?im searching for it . =)

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