Monday, February 7, 2011

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Rayan is Two : part 1

My 2 year old son's obsession with thomas the tank engine, 
inspired me to throw him a little modern 
train bbq birthday party. 

Since we were out of country couple of days prior to the party
and i was down with fever just a day before the party (yikes!),
it was truly a 24 hours party prep indeed!

Credit to our close friends and families
who helped to make this special day happened.
You know who you are :)

Thanks who came for Rayan's choo choo bbq party
despite it was raining the whole day!
It was a wet choo choo party ;)

photos: akma
cookies: baking lab
party printables: amir h (some are recycled too)
brownies: hanna
cupcake toppers +  party favors:  me :)
choo choo wagon + inflatables: playlend

Oh, dear son shared same birthday as his mommy too ;)


Far said...


Where can i get the brown doggy bags and where did you order the stickers? Thanks!

DLSL Photography said...

What wonderful decor for the party! The cake and cupcakes look so deliciously cute!

loan said...

it is great gifts for kids. thanks.

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