Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

grand hyatt, nusa dua, bali 2004

ahimsa, jimbaran, bali 2007

bali 2011?
can't wait!



wahhh... going again?! this time dok mana pulak? hari tu i pi bali tak puas. so cakap kat hubby, next year kena pegi lagi. just the two of us!

Muna said...

hi kak noresh! hey u'r back! how was your bali trip? bet it was a blast yah. elysian right? go lombok next lah. our plan was to go lombok but bali seems to have the cheapest and easiest route to go. oh well. insyaAllah this year ours will be something, somewhat different. shall wait and see ;)

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